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This was also apparent to me by Mr. Neal fled to a house she was renting for her congressional campaign. Hardiman began looking into which law-enforcement agency would have domain over the alleged assault. After the actress fled, Benn refused to allow her to recover her belongings and furniture from their upstate home and his New York apartment, her lawsuit states.

The owner of the moving company that Neal hired said his men were also stymied by Benn.

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Neal told The Daily Beast some of those prized possessions include a collection of loose gemstones and a Salvador Dali painting called The Black Devil. He continued to get me alone and pump me for information and tell me again and again that Diane had tried to hang herself and he had rescued her and I should be grateful. Colleen said Benn also suggested that Neal should draft a will and leave everything to him in case his election prophecy came true. In one of the recordings, the neighbor said, Benn was egging Neal on when she was having a rough day.

I just found it sad. He just shows up at my house unannounced. In the spring of , days after Neal picked up some of her belongings from the house, the actress and magician each filed for restraining orders.

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Family Court granted both requests, ensuring the couple maintained a legal distance from one another until the end of Neal tried to get a judge to name her as an equal owner of the property, as Benn put the house on the market in April Her longtime agent, Ro Diamond, declined to comment for this article, but said they had not worked together for some time. So Neal threw herself more deeply into a project that had been percolating for months: running for Congress.

It was a competitive race—several Democrats, including progressive wunderkind Antonio Delgado, were running to oust one-term incumbent John Faso, a Republican. In August of that year, the New York State Board of Elections rejected 1, of the 4, signatures on her petition, leaving her 1, short of the mandatory number.

Neal appealed to the courts, which ruled in her favor a month later. But the campaign struggled to take off. No one needs 47 guns. No one needs 47 American Girl dolls. No one needs 47 anything! We could set a reasonable limit.

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If you want more, you can have them, you just have pop down to your local police station to check in. Not a big deal, but a smart idea. On another occasion, the actress described her key concern for upstate New York as telecommunications infrastructure—specifically, WiFi. I was like, ugh, a C-? No one gets a C-! After Delgado secured the Democratic nomination, Neal announced she would run as an independent, opening her to charges that she was trying to split the vote.

Delgado won with On Feb. Before the magician showed up in court, one of his supporters, a septuagenarian who said his name was Hank Williams, chatted up Tim Lawson, the Ulster County assistant prosecutor on the case.

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Williams muttered that Neal was trying to resurrect her career through her litigation against Benn. He declined to comment further. He had wanted to tell me his perspective before. When Benn arrived, he was quiet and collected, whispering to Williams and giving a thumbs up to his lawyer while seated inside the tiny town hall—a building that also houses the tax collector, town clerk, and assessor. At one point, a divider-on-wheels was pulled out to separate the criminal proceedings from a local government meeting. And I hope to never see you again. Especially you. Indeed, Neal says her relationship with local authorities has become fraught.

She claims they responded with minimal action. Homeless so I cannot offer shelter to the many who have called my homes theirs freely and without cost. She provided a sworn affidavit. I send you love and care and comfort and courage.

He has no appointment to be there. Do you know what excuse he gave to be there? Neal first came to state police barracks to report the alleged stalking on Feb. Afterward, troopers told Benn to stay away from the actress, and his lawyer, A.

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Iuele, told troopers Benn would comply with the request. Since the breakup, Neal has gone through five different lawyers, all of whom she claimed had wronged her in some way and run off with her money. Her restraining order had expired, her request for a second one was rejected, and her attempt to get listed as an equal owner of the house proved ineffective.

Benn has all but disappeared from the public eye, though he emerged briefly for a TV appearance this past summer. The segment was for an ABC game show called To Tell the Truth , where a panel of celebrity judges hears from three guests—two of whom are impostors—and votes on who they believe is telling the truth. In the July 14th episode, Benn pretended to be a professional hypnotist, but not very well; only one judge believed him.

Today, however, private actors implement major federal programs and exercise decisional authority in ways traditionally performed by federal actors. Missing from the literature, however, is a corresponding account for federalism.

by Hammond, Alan

This Article pivots into that neglected space, with some urgency. In statehouses and courthouses around the county, politicians and advocacy groups aim to hold federal contractors accountable to state law. For example, recently enacted state laws seek to regulate private immigration detention facilities and student loan servicers operating within their jurisdictions.

Against these initiatives, the federal government and its contractors argue that state law is displaced not only by federal law, but also by federal contracts and implied constitutional immunities.

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That is right in theory but wrong in practice. This Article rejects that premise and sounds the alarm. In our era of privatized governance, contractors may stand in for federal officials. But contracts need not, and should not, substitute for federal law. Efficiency is the coin of federal outsourcing, and the most efficient way to displace state law is by contract. Although the Supremacy Clause has been liberally construed in other contexts for example, to give preemptive force to administrative regulations , the displacement of state law by federal contracts is a step too far.

If accountability to state law interferes with programmatic efficiencies, that is a fair constitutional price for outsourced governance. In Sierra Leone, migrants deported back to their West African homeland have found themselves without family or friends. Just why, as the BBC reports , is a complex story of betrayal and loss. The BBC interviews migrants who suffered incredible pain and torture in their efforts to reach Europe. Human trafficking. And yet many of these journeys started by the migrants themselves stealing money for their ill-fated journeys.

Now, many would-be migrants keep their plans secret, and take whatever money they can, sometimes even selling the title deeds to the family land. The article is noteworthy not just for these human stories but for the insight it gives regarding monies being spent by the European International Organisation for Migration IOM to return migrants to their homelands as well as "reintegration allowances" once they return. November 24, in Current Affairs Permalink Comments 0. As we have seen , the Supreme Court has a full immigration docket in the Term.

California , the issue presented is w hether provisions of California law that, with certain limited exceptions, prohibit state law-enforcement officials from providing federal immigration authorities with release dates and other information about individuals subject to federal immigration enforcement, and restrict the transfer of noncitizens in state custody to federal immigration custody, are preempted by federal law or barred by intergovernmental immunity.

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It is always hard to say whether the Supreme Court will grant a cert petition. Bush appointee; and 3 the fact that the Court has a relatively large number of immigration cases on its docket.

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