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Post a Comment. With all my books I try to use a small element of current or historical facts as a faint very faint mostly backdrop — a peg on which to hang the story. The first title back in was Death on the Marais , with a backdrop of wartime memories. For Rocco this is even harder to forget when he is posted from Paris as part of an initiative to spread investigative skills across France to cope with the spread of crime, and he finds himself living in a tiny backwater village and under the command of his former army C.

Death at the Clos du Lac: Inspector Lucas Rocco, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Francois Massin, now police Commissaire for the Amiens Picardie division. Since achieving independence in , there have been a few changes at the top, one of the most recent being a former development minister, Antoine Bouanga, ousted by rivals and on the run seeking sanctuary outside Amiens. Rocco is ordered by the Interior Ministry to protect this man, overtly to show goodwill, but as cynics soon point out, because there is trade and money to be made out of the many mineral rights in Gabon, and maybe this man can help if he gets back in.

Part of the backdrop here is personal for Rocco, however, stemming from book 2 — Rive Nord — and the death of a leading Algerian gangster, Samir Farek. It will also have a new, fantastic cover which brings a shiver to me bones. It's 'Price of Lies' publication day! The 6th Inspector Rocco novel and my 24th book - hell, where did all the ink go?!

Oh, and he suffers a serious loss It's coming out in mass market paperback for the first time in September with a different but hugely eye-catching cover. I'm looking forward to it getting a new lease of life. To these debut authors with Harlequin --Congratulations on making your dream come true.

It's the holidays. Let's support these new writers and buy their books! It's back to France!

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Former MI5 agent Harry Tate is drawn back into the field when an old friend goes missing — and discovers the stakes could not be higher. When he learns that former colleague Rik Ferris has had a breakdown and disappeared, allegedly in poss It's a time of great change in France, not least for Inspector Lucas Rocco.

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As part of a nat But where to begin Thank you for your understanding. The first in the Riley Gavin and Frank Palmer crime series.

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It's the right time of year for reading - whatever your chosen genre. Rocco and the Price of Lies. Smart Moves by Adrian Magson.