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One thing remains constant throughout her ever changing interests and that is her affinity towards understanding the depths of people and learning their stories to inspire her work. Keep up with her on Instagram themodernastrologer. The Poem Let's play a game Lift me up when I let you down I'll push you away Just to see if you'll come back around Climb up my ups Slide down my downs I've let you see me Better be ready now I'll pick a fight Just to feel you inside me Teach me what my body wants Philosophize with me Dare you to show me your secrets I'll show you mine Let's explore the deep, dark side, darling It's there where our love will shine.

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The Song Sign up to take part. A Nature Research Journal. Dong, J. Structural basis of energy transduction in the transport cycle of MsbA.

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Molloy, S. The Brexit referendum split the country more or less down the middle. Families, workplaces and schools were all divided into two almost equal parts, and the local boozer was no exception.

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Suddenly everyone was an expert in economics, tariffs and quotas. It was a tricky time for publicans as rarely has opinion been so vehemently divided amongst people so seemingly similar, and as much as we should probably sit on the fence, it was impossible for us not to have an opinion.

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  • Title: Molloy, the Flip Side.
  • Molloy: The Flip Side.
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  • So the pubs settle down and tick to the usual rhythm of alcoholic geniality. The conversation gradually recedes to its gloriously banal best. There were times when I feared for the drinking classes and what the Brexit vote would do to us, but in the end we were forced to test out that rule about talking politics in pubs and it turns out we were right all along. Pre , a sports bar in England was as rare as ice in cider or a choice of more than two gins — so little live football was broadcast at times when pubs were allowed to open that the scope to increase revenue by broadcasting games was negligible.

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    There were no big screens or surround sound commentary; no fixture lists on posters; no external banners collecting grime above doorways. Not exactly a glamour tie, but nearly every football pub in England can trace its roots back to that fixture as it was the first game shown legally in pubs on a Sunday afternoon. Most punters were probably too pissed to remember Vinny Samways scoring the winner as being able to carry on drinking past was still very much a novelty.

    Sunday drinking culture was, traditionally, for many, a concerted effort to cram as many pints as possible into a two-hour lunchtime session before heading home for a Sunday roast.

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    Then, all of a sudden, the pubs forgot to close and there was football on the TV. This came as a bit of a shock to the system for the Great British Creature of Habit and it had to adapt accordingly. Gone were the queues at the front door at five to twelve on a Sunday morning as the concentrated binges of the Sabbath abated. The lunchtime drinking sprint became the afternoon marathon and the pubs adapted to this shift in trend as Sky and BSB became the honeypots for a new age in British publore.

    A monthly Sky and BT subscription for small pubs costs the equivalent of 10 karaoke nights or 4 good live bands. This has priced many publicans out of the football market and made many more consider its value. A busy match also depends on the relative success and failure of well-supported clubs. Pubs and Fan Fests were rammed with people displaying their lifelong love for our national game. You could tell that they were real fans because they were wearing brand new England shirts and threw their beer in the air when Harry Kane scored.

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    Pick a barstool on the edge of where you perceive the regulars sit. Do not take a book. This scares people and will set you back hours in your mission. Do not speak to anyone apart from ordering your drink; If someone strikes up a conversation with you then go with it, but try and gauge the social standing of the person speaking to you. This will also set you back hours.

    Repeat this until the regulars start to acknowledge you. A nod is a good start.

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    Building up a rapport with them is an essential part of the process. Try not to look like a copper. Never discuss politics in pubs. It seems strange for us to comprehend now, but football in pubs has not always been a thing.