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Answered Prayer for Peace

Revelation 21 describes a city where there are streets of gold and walls of jasper, sapphire, and emerald. Will there be any form of scarcity in the New Jerusalem, or will we have access to unlimited supplies of goods? Scarcity is always a relative term, relating our wants and needs to the availability of resources. Will we choose to paint a picture or plant some flowers, run a marathon or organize a worship service, play piano or play a round of golf?

We may need goods or products in all of these cases to participate in these activities. However, if we exist in time as we experience it now, some things will have to come before others.

Under His Sun and by His Grace

If we need to make choices about our activities and how to best use the good gifts that God provides for us, we believe that a redeemed and transformed marketing can play a salutary role. Will we know everything in heaven?

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We will see His face and understand much that we did not before, but we believe that we will still need to acquire and use information as we go about fulfilling our callings in heaven. However, given the finite capabilities of humankind, we will be able to process only limited amounts of information at one time, and will need to make decisions about which information is useful in completing a particular task at any one time.

We may have an eternity to enjoy and worship God, but for us as humans, we presume that there will be some temporal order in which we live our lives. As a result, some information could be more useful than another at any one particular moment. Marketers can provide us with this information, information that would ultimately teach us more about God and his provision for us.

The twelfth chapter of 1 Corinthians gives a beautiful description of the distribution of spiritual gifts and our roles within the Body of Christ. We are told that some have the gift of teaching, others the gift of administration, and still others the gift of helping others, and that we should eagerly desire the greater gifts vv. In fact, all of the different gifts that God gives to his people will be spiritual gifts see Exodus The ability to provide information and to innovate will be a spiritual gift that will in many ways benefit the Body of Christ.

We will have an eternity to develop all of our spiritual gifts and learn from the lives of other believers. It may seem unusual to think about a variety of spiritual gifts being present even when we live in the very presence of God. However, the alternative is that everyone has all possible gifts and that there is no need for the gifts of others. The assumptions described above provide the foundation for what we believe will be the nature of marketing when Christ returns. Marketers will invent products and provide information, not intending to manipulate our desires or to satisfy our needs in a negative, misdirected way, but instead helping us to discover new and better ways to love both God and our neighbors.

But even if there is marketing in heaven, what does it matter for marketing now here on earth?

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Can we make any useful connections between what our lives will be like when we live and reign with God and our situation now where sin affects all that we do? For those involved in marketing or any type of business, marketing in heaven can be seen as a model although not completely attainable for how we are to live our lives today.

To start in this direction, marketing must become the process God intended it to be. For example, it needs to redefine what markets are so that the needs of all people can be satisfied. This may require that marketers use their expertise in the not-for-profit sector, such as finding alternate distribution channels for needed goods and services. Marketing also needs to communicate the truth about products including appropriate usage rates and what the long-term risks of using the product are to both individuals and to society.

In order to do so, marketers must make available all relevant information and avoid using misinformation when communicating. Will there be marketing in the new heaven and new earth? We believe that Scripture suggests that marketing will exist when Christ returns, although in a manner that is thoroughly transformed and renewed. Marketers will also aid the Body of Christ in fully utilizing our spiritual gifts to both glorify God and serve others; in doing so they can do their part in bringing shalom to the New Jerusalem. Therefore, the vision also gives us encouragement, for we know that our good work done now is not done in vain, but that it has a connection to the eternity we will spend with our Creator.

This vision of the future provides us with both purpose and hope today and everyday as we look forward to the new heaven and new earth, the home of righteousness.

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Uncategorized Will There be Marketing in Heaven? Listen to article. Here are six ways you can put the glory of God on display:. When we confess sin, we are putting on display His glory by declaring His righteousness. Our God is a forgiving God Ps ; Mic When we forgive others, we are proclaiming His compassion and eagerness to forgive. It has been said that we are never more God-like than when we forgive. Forgiving others puts His glory on display. If God does all things for our good and He does , then demonstrating our trust in Him puts His nature and character on display. We reflect who He is.

The life of Abraham provides a remarkable example of this. Trusting God declares His glory. When His communicable attributes are reflected in our lives, it not only produces fruit, but it glorifies God. Thanksgiving directs our focus on the One who is the Giver of every good and perfect gift James Rom Thanksgiving acknowledges that and thereby reflects His glory.

Glorifying God is not a memorized mantra of special words or phrases. Rather, it is a life that reflects the attributes of God, a lifestyle that is consumed with putting His glory on display.